Monday, September 30, 2013

Waiting in Deep by Sandi Denkers

The first novel Sandi has written and published is a culmination of a decade of pondering sudden death and loss of a close family member. Sandi has taken from her own experience and added lovable and unforgettable characters in a story of faith, fear, and frustration in relationships. The setting is a small town in the Upstate of South Carolina, some of her own stomping grounds. The time period is in the 70's when friction should have been fierce between the black and white populations. Somehow this is not the case in such a small town as make-believe Mt. Brayden. For two neighbors, as different as North and South, it is a whole lot of laughs, some tears, some fervent prayer, and the friendship of a young white girl from up the street that bring the story to life.

Lottie Johnson learns over the course of this novel and the growing up years of her little friend, Rebecca, that life has more to it than just a flower garden and a pesky neighbor, Dovie. Lottie evolves from a tight rosebud to full bloom through her first tentative overnight sleepover for Rebecca's birthday party to a forgiving and caring older relation for her alcoholic cousin, Edgar.

The sparring between Dovie and Lottie is reminiscent of a Laurel and Hardy slapstick. Dovie is as jovial and big-hearted as Lottie is closed and sparse in her compliments. Rebecca has the ability to befriend both women, but particularly loves Lottie for her uncanny skill in making beauty come forth from the dirt. The two make a pact early in the novel to trade talent: Rebecca tutoring Lottie in her math and English, while Lottie teaches Rebecca about all her flowers and how to coax the best from them year after year to sell at the local florist, Rebecca's mother.

One of the best parts in the book are the journaling Lottie does. My favorite quote of all is from one of these:
     "Death is awful fierce. After it cuts those living into little pieces, grief comes along to watch
      them bleed."

There's more to the novel to help Lottie move along her journey of healing, but you'll just have to read Waiting in Deep for yourself. Enjoy the quick read and see how things turn out for Lottie, Rebecca, Dovie, and Edgar. The book is available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format. It is also sold at Barnes and Noble.

Agape and Blessings,
Dr. Linda B. Greer

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