Monday, December 2, 2013

Call for Submissions to a Bible Study I'm Writing

Dear Readers and Friends,

Dr. Edna Ellison and I are finishing a manuscript for a new Bible Study to give spiritual triage to grieving parents who've lost a child. But there's one testimony we don't have yet and would very much like to get. We need a parent who has about 5 years of healing from the loss of a child by self-murder.

I know this is a lot to ask since this particular loss carries more baggage than most deaths, but I really sense God wants us to include a testimony on how a parent was able to move through the first year toward healing and keeping his/her faith on course.

If you know anyone, please have them send me an email at so we can exchange phone numbers and talk together. As you know, my own daughter's 10th anniversary of entrance to heaven was this year in February. As you may have guessed, I wrote the first testimony for our book and Edna did the commentary on my testimony. We have many brave parents who've made contributions and feel awed by their courage and faith in our Lord.

Well, hope all is well with everyone this Christmas. If it's not, take it to the Lord in much prayer and learn from your trials, friends.

Keeping the Faith One More Year,
Dr. Linda B. Greer


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  2. Dear Ammi,

    I am glad you liked the post. Please come back any time and read some of the prior posts.