Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kathi Macias Writes Two More Great Books: The Moses Quilt and Last Chance for Justice

I have done two book readings this summer of Kathi Macias' latest novels, The Moses Quilt and Last Chance for Justice. As usual, Kathi took her stand on interracial marriage and gave it a new twist in the first novel and also wrote a combination mystery and "redefining-yourself-as-a-widow" in the second.

In The Moses Quilt there's a love story about an older African-American Christian man, Edward, and younger Caucasian woman, Mazie. The story opens with Mazie's concern for her aging grandmother, Mimi, who lives with Mazie and her mother. The three generation of women in the house are a backdrop for a wonderful history lesson about Harriet Tubman of Civil War Underground Railway renown.

Each evening, Mazie and Edward learn more about Harriet Tubman through Mimi's stories about the patches on the Moses Quilt, a family heirloom. Mazie is inspired by Harriet's courage, her faith in God's provision and her life after the Civil War to help freed slaves and also speak for women's suffrage. Edward's love of the stories about one of African-Americans' heroines only endears him more to Mazie and her family.

Despite repeated efforts to get a commitment of marriage from Mazie, Edward stays mystified until he and Mazie make a trip to a small rural town in Georgia where the quilt was made. You'll have to read the book to find out if Mazie and Edward can "take the leap" for love when the quilt's meaning is fully revealed.

Last Chance for Justice is an unsettling homecoming story for Lynn, a middle-aged grieving widow, who is beckoned back to her small town, Bloomfield, at the death of her much older brother. Myron has left her his big old home next to the town cemetery, an eerie location to be sure. But he has also left a mystery for Lynn to solve.

Lynn and her adult daughter, Rachel, search through  Myron's papers trying to find clues to rectify the reputation of an African-American boy accused of stealing the church Sunday School offering many decades ago. As their search continues, they become acclimated to the town and the home. Bloomfield grows on both of them,  especially Rachel as she begins to have two love interests at once from two young handsome men, one a youth pastor and the other a successful businessman.

You will have to read Last Chance for Justice to find out which young man wins Rachel's heart and to learn whether or not they find the lost Sunday School money. Myron's dying wish was for Lynn to clear the name of this young man, Last Chance, long since buried in the cemetery beside Lynn's inherited home. Last Chance's only surviving sister is reclusive but still believing God can work a miracle on behalf of her deceased brother.

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