Thursday, February 4, 2010

Every Dog Has Her Day

A first for me in this life--my name in print and my first short story published in a book! My story, "A Different Kind of Family", was published recently in the anthology: Too Soon to Say Goodbye, ed. Susan T. Osborn et al., Baptist WMU publishers. It's a great ministry for suicide victims and survivors including Holy Scriptures, true stories, Christian counseling snippets, poetry, and thoughtful chapter questions.

I received my complimentary copy in the mail last week and jumped around like a three-year-old with a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven. It was a benchmark day for my writing. Clearly, it was also a call to better writing. I saw many ways to improve on the story since submitting it about a year ago.

Someday the spiritual heartbeat of my short story will be interlaced into the romance novel I'm writing entitled: Forsaken but not Forgotten. Dear readers, pray for me to get back into writing jockey mode soon. I haven't touched the draft since before the holidays and here it is almost Valentine's Day. Also pray for acquiring an agent to spur me on (pun fully intended).

I have the plot line worked out, but those are just the bones of a novel, the kind of material you see on the inside flap of the book cover. Flesh, personna, and voice are still needed, the meat of the matter in writing a book. I have the imagination to create, but need the discipline to write...write...write beyond chapter ten.

I've even bought books on how to write better, currenty in need of a dustcloth. I'm pathetic. I have a freind who needs to write a series of short stories (Life on the Funny Farm?). She's further behind than I am, so somehow I feel comforted in a cock-eyed way.

If you want a discounted copy of Too Soon to Say Goodbye for someone needing Christian comfort from loss of a loved one by suicide or for someone who has attempted suicide, email me at for info. It's a great book and a much needed addition to Christian world view literature on an agonizing and acutely touchy topic.

Blessings and Agape,
Linda B. Greer

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