Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pray Without Ceasing

Have you ever prayed for someone for a very long time? Have you wondered if God is tired of the same prayer from you? Do you think He will never give you an answer? Don't ever stop believing in God's power for the answer swathed in His plan, delivered with sugar on top, and sweeter than you ever imagined.

I had a granddaughter from my daughter, April, who was adopted at birth in February 2001. It was the last time I saw Ashton's tiny face. Two years later Ashton's biological sister was about to be born when April and little Heaven were murdered by the babies' father, Jerry Stuart. I felt as if my whole life had been swept into the valley of Gehenna.

For years I prayed for the remaining adopted granddaughter and her adoptive parents. For twelve years I sent anonymous gifts and cards through the adoption agency. I hoped someday Ashton would be able to meet me. After my daughter's murder, I set my sights on a 16-year solitary journey of hope until she came of age and I could seek her out.

In my waiting, I wondered if Ashton even knew she was adopted. I wondered if her parents had considered the circumstances of her biological mother's death and chose to say nothing. If she turned 18 and chose not to see me, would I be crushed once again by circumstances outside my control?

Last weekend Ashton turned twelve years of age. I had sent her another anonymous card for Valentine's and a pair of earrings. Last Saturday I went to check my mailbox and opened a letter from the adoption agency. Inside was a red envelope with my first name printed on the outside. Inside was a Valentine from Ashton, a long note about her life now, how she was sad she wouldn't meet her birth mother in this life, and a picture of herself.

Guess what I did? Yeah, I wept. My whole world swirled into a new orbit with the opening of a red envelope with sugar on top and sweeter than I ever imagined. I have written my first letter, addressed it to the adoption agency, and christened it with my first name.

Lord you are able.

Blessings and Agape,
Dr. Linda B. Greer


  1. WOW! What a wonderful story, Linda. I am so happy for you and rejoice in this reunion! Thank you God. Thank you, Linda, for sharing this on your blog. Hugs to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing my joy, Alice! Still have to use the adoption service as a go-between, but God has allowed the door to open for unveiled communication by snail mail. I have already written back to Ashton and want to send some pictures of my daughter, her birth mom, and me. She looks a lot like my daughter did at that age.