Friday, September 7, 2012

Sugar, Sugar! Oh, Honey, Honey!

Most of us remember this good old soul song. But lately it's taking on some new meaning for me. I used to be a sugar savant and sparingly indulged, but currently I can't get enough of it. We're talking major binging, here. One evening this week I ate 5 iced cupcakes! And then I still had room for some real food for dinner.

I wish I could crave God the way I do sugar. After all, craving God would be so much healthier and I wouldn't keep going up a dress size. I'm ashamed of putting my priorities upside down. In fact, sugar is like poison to somebody who has fibromyalgia--like I do. It increases overall pain and I am feeling it!

It's like Paul said when he talked about doing the things he shouldn't, and not doing the very things he should. He was upside down spiritually, just like I get upside down with my own cravings. Gee Willies! My one salvation is craving to sing His praises more than to eat cupcakes. I joined the choir at my church a year ago and it has been such a sweet time to practice and then to help lead the congregation in glorious songs about our God. We've even done a one night revival at a sister church in Gaffney that was so much fun.

Christmas is coming in less than 3 months and we will soon start working on that special music. We can't wait to get our mouths around the new choral tunes. Our choir has grown tremendously in the last year, and we're having trouble squeezing all of us into the loft. (Maybe others have been eating too many cupcakes, too?)

Well, I hope the rest of you are NOT running to get something sweet after hearing about my downfall. Go do...5 leg lifts, 4 sit-ups, 3 jumping jacks, 2 windmills, and drink fruit smothies with few'r calories (to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas").

Pray for my resolve to return to normal and for sugar to be a poor substitute for the real meat of God's word!

Watermelon Frappe
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Blessings and A-grape-eh?
Linda B. Greer

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