Wednesday, March 31, 2010

God’s Blessings Be Upon You

May you lift your gaze to the heavens and hunger for the Lord, your God.

May your help come from Him, the Maker of all creation.

May He not let your feet slip outside of His Holy ways.

May He keep you safe day and night, for He never rests.

May He encompass you as you go out and come in.

May the Lord be your shade by day so the sun will not harm you.

May He be your shelter when the moon shimmers by night.

May He protect you with His mighty hand and watch over you – now and forevermore.

    I borrowed the above from a Sunday School notice. It seemed to cover every aspect of our lives concerning God's interplay with our own. How often do we ask for specific prayer answers but not for the incomprehensible covering of our Almighty God's Blessings? Surely we believe in living within the will of God, but do we ask for the blessings to coincide with our efforts to be holy?
     As Easter weekend approaches, what blessing do you long for most in your life? Do you wish to fully comprehend the extent of Christ's suffering and share in his suffering for the sake of our Lord? Probably not. Who of us wants to ask for more pain and tribulation? The mysterious oxymoron in life is suffering was the birthing of our salvation and peace with God. It was also the doorway to His Blessings.
     If we, as Christians, never suffer we miss the whole point of the crucifixtion and the joy of Christ's resurrection into embodied glory. Give thanks to God for your trials. Give thanks to God for your suffering. Give thanks to God for tears shed in the dark of night. He is our Father, Abba. He wants good to come out of what the world sees as bad. That is the tranforming power of the Holy Spirit through our faith in Christ, Our Risen Savior! May your spiritual heartbeats echo the message of the gospel within your soul this week. (John 3: 16-21)

May God be with each of you this Easter Season,

Linda B. Greer

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